Roslyn Retreat Center

R. Geissler Church Chairs and Seating

Defining Simple Elegance Since 1877

For over 140 years, R. Geissler has specialized in high-quality, solid oak choir chairs with fibre rush seats – but we do so much more…

We have several chair styles to choose from including:

  • Solid oak choir chairs with wood seats
  • Upholstered church chairs
  • Stackable & interlocking seats
  • Optional kneelers
  • Optional book racks
  • Custom church seating

We now offer repair and reweaving services for worn or damaged Rush Seating.

Christ Church UMC, Park Ave, NYC

Your Trusted Church Seating Resource

Our clients use our chairs in:

  • Chapels
  • Choirs
  • General Sanctuary Seating

Flexibility and space adaptability are built-in with Geissler Church Seating.

All chairs can be:

  • Modified
  • Stacked
  • Ganged
  • Stained to match existing furniture

We’re equipped to accommodate any special needs and fire codes.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your church or choir furnishing project.